Masters in Furniture


Own High quality designs

It's Habufa's aim to make trendy furniture accessible for a large group of people. To realize this Habufa develops and designs all their own products. Our R & D department is the engine behind all the renewals in our products. All aspects of the eventual product process are taken into account at product development. This product process occurs mostly outside the country under supervision and direction of our own Habufa personell on sight in each and every country where our products are produced. In this manner Habufa can strictly monitor our high quality standard but also for an efficient production process and on time delivery. Durable/lasting quality is an important trademark of  Habufa Meubelen and all our products go through various (user)testing before being released for sale.  

Durability and awareness

We use reliable sources of materials, a most efficient possible production with the least product waste. This not only applies to the production of our furniture but also to the rest of our organization. These conditions not only contribute to the durability of the organization but also positively affects the cost price of our products. This way the knife cuts on two sides.

Habufa Meubelen B.V.
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The Netherlands
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